Nonmember hunters:

 Must purchase 4 or more birds per hunter

 Hunts are set in 2 hour blocks only.

  All pheasant hunting ends January 15th.  Chukar hunting runs August 15th through May 15th.  Other times may be agreed upon.


Non-toxic shot only

Pheasants – $26.00

Chucker-price based on the season $19.00.

All member hunts are half day 3 -4 hours. (May book a full day hunt).

All hunts are paid before hunt.


Non-toxic shot only

Five Stand-25 targets – $12.00. Shells $10.00

Minimum of 5 shooters

50 targets-$20.00. Shells $20.00.

Minimum of 5 shooters

All Targets thrown by auto machine.


$100.00 per half day, with maximum of four hunters.

Your dog is welcome.

Hours of operation:

Opened by scheduled hunt.

Minnesota state sales tax (7.375%) applies/not included in pricing.

Pricing subject to written change by ownership.