2018 Pricing


Corporate $625.00 includes:

  • Purchase of 75 birds @ $25.00 = $1,875.00
  • Unlimited guests
  • 10% off in store items
  • 20% discount on use of banquet hall, suite and Ute for events.
  • Only corporate members and their guest can hunt without buying additional birds.
  • Scratch hunting only available for Corporate members and their guests.

Business $500.00 includes:

  • Purchase of 40 birds @ $25.00 = $1,000.00
  • 4-card members
  • A card member must be present.
  • 5% off in store items
  • 5% discount on use of banquet hall, suite and Ute for event.

Individual  $250.00 includes:

  • Purchase of 10 birds @ $25.00 = $250.00.
  • Can bring a guest.
  • More then one guest must purchase 4 birds per additional quest.

Non member hunters:

  •  Must purchase 4 or more birds per hunter.
  • Hunts are set in 2 hour blocks only.

All pheasant hunting ends January 15th.  Chukar hunting runs August 15th through May 15th.  Other times maybe agreed upon.

Wing shooters and shooting enthusiasts can sharpen their skills at the Lodge’s sporting clay and five stand ranges anytime during the year.  We have a heated 5 stand range which can be provided with lighting for practice after sundown.

Our sporting clay range will provide you with real life practice in shooting targets in a natural setting.  Long Lake Lodge is committed to sound environmental practices so we allow only steel shot to be used on our ranges.


Non-toxic shot only

Five Stand – 25 Targets – $12.00.  Shells $10.00.

Minimum of 5 shooters

Sporting Clays – 50 Targets – $20.00.  Shells $20.00.

Minimum of 5 shooters

All Targets thrown by Auto Machine


Non-toxic shot only

Pheasants- $25.00.

Chukar- price based on season $15.50.

All hunts are half day  3-4  hours.  (May book full day).

Morning hunts start no later than 9:00 a.m.

Afternoon hunts start no later than 2:00.

Hours of operation

Open by scheduled hunt.

All hunts are paid before hunt.


$75.00 per half day, with maximum of 4 hunters.

Your dog is welcome.

Minnesota state sales tax (7.375%) applied / not included in pricing.

Pricing subject to written change by ownership.