Long Lake Lodge rates

Ute aka Bunk House

$50.00 per night Sunday – Thursday.
$75.00 per night Friday and Saturday if available.

Described as cute-round cabin. Fireplace, AC, Lights, No Plumbing, 2 Double Beds.

Banquet Facility

$1,000.00 per day 8:00am – 10:00pm Sunday – Thursday.
Weekend – $2,500.00 : Decorate Friday – Clean up Sunday by Noon.
Includes tables and chairs for up to 180 guests.

Smaller Banquet Facility (aka Bridal Suite)

(Seats 30-35 people or a place where wedding party can get ready).  $350.00 per day Sunday -Thursday.  $500.00 per day Friday or Saturday if available.

Venues include a wedding platform overlooking the lake yards and 30 acres for photos.  Also includes Ute, Banquet facility, Bridal Suite, 4-RV sites with water and electric.  Two showers for campers and tenters.

Entire Grounds & Facility’s value deal $3,000.00

RV sites:  Includes water and electric hookup.  $25.00 per night.

Email for package quotes on any combination of facility rentals

Check out is noon.
Late checkouts billed to credit card

Minnesota state sales tax (7.375%) applies